MAX 35.3 oC MIN 23.7 °C Sunrise: 5.53 am Sunset: 6.14 pm - MAX 35.1 oC MIN 23 °C Sunrise: 5.47am Sunset: 6.08 pm - Sylhet MAX 34.1 C° MIN 20.2 C° Sunrise: 5.46am Sunset: 6.9 pm - Mymensingh MAX 32.7 °C MIN 18.5 °C Sunrise: 5.52 am Sunset: 6.14 pm - Rajshahi MAX 35.6 oC MIN 18.2 °C Sunrise: 5.59 am Sunset: 6.21pm - Rangpur MAX 31.8C° MIN 19.1 C° Sunrise: 5.56am Sunset: 6.19 pm - Khulna MAX 35 C° MIN 22 C° Sunrise: 5.56am Sunset: 6.17 pm - Barisal MAX 35 C° MIN 21.4 C° Sunrise: 5.53 am Sunset: 6.14 pm -

Agriculture Service

Reliable weather information is of vital importance to the agriculture sector.

Brick Field Service

Weather plays a role affecting the safety and profitability of Brick Field projects.

Airlines Service

Shipping stands as an important means of transporting goods from port to port.

Sports & Events

Weather plays a key role in any outdoor event & Sports especially in Bangladesh.

Tours & Travels

We giving the reliable weather information in our rising Tourism industry.

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WeatherBD Services