Dhaka MAX MAX 32.9 oC MIN MIN 19.1 oC Sunrise: 6:21 AM Sunset: 6:05 PM - Chattogram MAX MAX 26.6 oC MIN MIN 20.5 oC Sunrise: 6:18 AM Sunset: 5:58 PM - Khulna MAX MAX 36.3 oC MIN MIN 19.0 oC Sunrise: 6:26 AM Sunset: 6:05 PM - Rajshahi MAX MAX 36.9 oC MIN MIN 15.3 oC Sunrise: 6:29 AM Sunset: 6:07 PM - Rangpur MAX 31.7 oC MIN 12.9 oC Sunrise: 6:27 AM Sunset: 6:04 PM - Mymensingh MAX 31.3 oC MIN 18.1 oC Sunrise: 6:22 AM Sunset: 6:00 PM - Sylhet MAX 30.5 oC MIN 16.5 oC Sunrise: 6:16 AM Sunset: 5:54 PM - Barishal MAX 34.6 oC MIN 21.1 oC Sunrise: 6:21 AM Sunset: 6:01 PM -

Agricultural Services From MARS LTD

Reliable weather information is of vital importance to the agriculture sector. Success in every phase of crop production is dependent on some actions based on prevailing and impending weather condition. Understanding the weather is vital for optimizing production and minimizing expenditure. Integration of MARS Associate’s quality weather information into daily agricultural practices would enable one to get the best possible harvest. Besides, all the value chain activity even after the crop is harvested depends great on weather elements.

MARS Associate provides a wide range of weather information and other related services for the farming community. Our forecasts include all weather parameters which are significant for the industry including temperature, wind speed, humidity and precipitation. Our meteorologists would work closely with our clients to appreciate your precise needs and then develop reliable, crop-specific, and area-specific forecasts. Our meteorologists are on hand 365 days of the year so you will never be caught unaware.

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