Dhaka MAX 2.9 oC MIN 27.2 oC Sunrise: 5:11 AM Sunset: 6:48 PM - Chattogram MAX 30.2 oC MIN 26.8 oC Sunrise: 5:09 AM Sunset: 6:39 PM - Khulna MAX 32.8 oC MIN 27.1 oC Sunrise: 5:17 AM Sunset: 6:49 PM - Rajshahi MAX 33.0 oC MIN 26.6 oC Sunrise: 5:16 AM Sunset: 6:56 PM - Rangpur MAX 34.1 oC MIN 26.0 oC Sunrise: 5:11 AM Sunset: 6:57 PM - Mymensingh MAX 31.1 oC MIN 26.4 oC Sunrise: 5:09 AM Sunset: 6:50 PM - Barishal MAX 30.0 oC MIN 23.7 oC Sunrise: 5:13 AM Sunset: 6:45 PM -

Brick Field Services From MARS LTD

Weather plays a critical role affecting the safety and profitability of Brick Field projects. Sudden weather especially heavy rainfall on account of Western Disturbance in winter months and Thunderstorms in summer months can cause huge damage to brick field project and thereby incur heavy loss. In Bangladesh, brick fields generally operate from November to May. Our forecast would enable you to keep the production going till the end of May or at times even up to Mid June and thereby to generate more revenue than your competitors to secure more profit. MARS Associate can help to protect your brick field by giving reliable weather information at the right time.

For completing the brick field project safely and on time, our forecast would help you to minimize the disruption to avoid unforeseen delays caused by adverse weather conditions. Thus, it would help you to Increase productivity, maintain safety on site and cut down on wasted materials and manpower.

WeatherBD Services