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History of MARS ltd

MARS Ltd. stands for Meteorological And Related Services Ltd., the pioneer private weather services in Bangladesh. Initially named as MARS Associate, it has been renamed as MARS Ltd. after incorporating itself under the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms. The company has commenced its full swing commercial operation from its new location, BAFWWA Shopping Complex, Dhaka Cantonment since January 01, 2017. The company is formed by highly experienced six retired Bangladesh Air Force Officers of Meteorological Branch. Core business of the company is weather forecasting, climate research and disaster training. The prime motivation is to serve the nation in regard to safety of lives and properties, and economic gain. MARS Ltd. has been providing weather services commercially to brick field owners since November, 2015 and City weather forecast to Dhaka city dwellers since March, 2017. It has been exploring collaboration with government and non-government organizations in sharing its expertise in this field.

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