Shipping stands as the single-most important means of transporting goods from port to port to promote trade and commerce. MARS Associate supplies the humanly best possible and reliable maritime weather forecasts to its customers enabling them to optimize their ship routing around the globe. With reliable weather information, charterers and traders can improve the efficiency of shipping by reducing fuel consumption. Avoidance of hazardous sea lines and keeping safe from the path of cyclone/typhoon adds safety not only for the vessel but also its valuable loads and concerned personnel. Thus savings in operating costs are derived primarily from reduced transit time, averting of heavy weather encounters, optimized consumption of fuel, reduced cargo and hull damage, more efficient scheduling of dockside activities, etc.

Damage to vessels and cargo caused by weather can be expensive for ship owners and insurers and, in many cases, can cause delays while surveys and repairs are carried out. Combining our detailed data for wind and other weather elements with our reliable information about sea conditions such as presence of cyclones, waves, current and swell, enables you to choose the most economic and safe ship’s route to the destination port.