We understand that all construction works have different weather requirements. Therefore, we tailor the delivery of our forecasts to your specific needs. Our weathermen understand the complexities involved in carrying out construction work safely and on time and our value-added solutions minimize the disruption caused by adverse weather conditions. The quality and reliability of weather forecast determines the safety, efficiency and profitability of any construction project. MARS Associate provides precise, tailored weather information, ensuring optimized operational efficiency that would allow avoiding unforeseen delays in your build programme with better planning around adverse weather. It would certainly Increase productivity, maintain safety on the construction site and cut down on wasted materials and manpower. MARS Associate provides reliable weather forecasts for residential buildings, commercial developments, and construction of highways, bridges, flyovers, railways or open green spaces.

Our forecasts cover all weather elements which are critical for planning and safety including:

Precipitation with its intensity

  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed and direction (at ground level and at the height of a crane)
  • Daylight time

Short term forecasts are highly detailed and longer range forecasts provide you with the weather outlook. Services are provided 24/7/365 so, our valued clients would never be caught off-guard. MARS Associate provides reliable, site-specific forecasts for the construction industry, enabling you to plan when to undertake routine and critical phases of a build. Using MARS Associate’s services as part of your day to day planning and operations will ensure you can plan ahead to avoid unforeseen delays and optimize expenditure. It is also invaluable for ensuring the safety of your onsite team from potentially hazardous situations MARS Associate is a complete weather forecasting service designed to provide you with all the weather information you need for your building and construction projects.